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Publishpro™ is an Internet application that allows you to manage the content of your website. It can be installed on any website, simple or complex, includes standards like ASP or PHP but also .Net and tomcat. Publishpro™ is primarily designed for quick indexing by search tools like Google

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The content management of a website can be difficult and costly, due to lack of internal means and resources. Hiring qualified personnel for the update of your website or asking a partner represents a significant investment - in time and money. However, updating the content of your website is essential for your customers and prospects to come back. As specialists in internet promotion, we are very aware of the importance that quality content has in gaining a good position in search engines and drawing the targeted traffic to your website.

Optimized for search engines

Publishpro™ incorporates all the technical features for the site and the pages need to have to come out well in search engines. Publishpro™ is fully compatible with Google and the main search engines without having to install URL rewriting objects. Having a well-designed development from the beginning will increase the performances of your website. Publishpro™ integrates XML standards for sitemaps developed by Google, Yahoo and MSN. And lastly it integrates a tool that allows the netlinking strategies or internal and external links.

Security, scalability and compatibility MAC/PC

Publishpro™ is a module that functions entirely on the internet and there is no need to install any software or multiple user licenses. Everything is done online, on MAC (Os X and Léopard) or on PC (Windows XP or Vista) via the internet browsers - Internet Explorer or Firefox. You can easily modify your website from any location, connected to internet, in complete safety.

The functionalities of Publishpro™ - briefly

Integration and implementation

Publishpro™ is based on a system of page models, or templates. We invite you to read about our Fees and Services.

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