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25 october 2011

New HTML editor and file manager

Our products integrate the latest version of the CK Editor and CK Finder

This update allows a better compatibility with smartphones and tablets, in particular with systems using Android and IOS. Furthermore, the editor is already optimized for the upcoming IOS 5.

The image manager now allows you to upload more files at the same time. You will not need to wait for the previous upload before sending a new image or a new document. This feature is especially useful for those who use design their own newsletters.

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25 october 2011

Using Google Analytics in your emailings

Calculate the number of visitors on your website coming from your newsletter.

Do you use Google Analytics for your site? If you do, then you can optimize your emailing in order to track the visits they generate. To do that, you can just add some elements to your hypertext links. Google Analytics will be able to identify which visits are coming from your emailing campaign.

Several options are possible in order to allow you to analyze the email address, the emailing campaign etc… Furthermore, it is possible to use this technique for split-tests in order to select the email marketing campaigns which are most relevant.

See our Google Analytics guide


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