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Publishpro™ simplified
website management

Publishpro™ is an internet application that allows you to manage the content of your website. It can be installed on any website, simple or complex, with ASP or PHP standards but also .Net and tomcat.


Update your website without technical knowledge

Updating the content of your website is essential for your customers and prospects to come back. Publishpro™ enables you to update your website without technical knowledge. Modify your contents, edit the new pages, change the menus, etc.

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Optimized CMS for search engines

Publishpro™ is fully compatible with Google and the main search engines. Our CMS integrates the XML standards of sitemaps developed with Google, Yahoo and MSN. It also includes a management and netlinking tool for internal and external links.

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Simplified content management

Publishpro™ is an application for website content management. Compatible with any site. It is compatible with most of the technologies and languages and includes a graphical editor.

Multi-site and multi-language

Our CMS is optimized for multi-site management and publishing of multilingual site. Create multisite objects and multilingual content.

Integration and migration

Publishpro™ can be integrated on already existing sites.We can take care of it integration and migration. Enjoy a customized full-service.

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